How to Respond to Prompts

Submitted work does not have to respond to the Issue Theme or Prompt. We give a slight preference to responses but all work will be considered. You may respond to either the Theme or the Prompt, or both (or neither). Responses should not be literal. Submitted works do not need to explicitly mention the Theme … Read more

We Are Overwhelmed

But in a good way! The number and quality of submissions have been fantastic. We are so excited. We are on track to close submissions on August 17, after which we will begin sending notices. Everyone will get a reply. If you haven’t heard from us after the first few days in September, feel free … Read more

Submissions Are Extended!

Submissions have been extended through August 17! Submissions are open through August 13, 2022. Before you submit, please read About Us. Then read Submissions. If you’ve read those pages already, you can go directly to the Submission Form. Responses to submissions for the September 2022 Inaugural Issue will go out between August 18 and September … Read more

Why No Masthead?

Because at launch, this journal is the work of one person. My name is cc bovarisme. Yes, that’s a pseudonym. I’m not hiding my identity. I’m choosing not to reveal it, at this time. I expect I will do so after a few issues but before that, I hope to recruit some editors and collaborators. … Read more